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Noxcell Service Solutions
Noxcell Services let you get the most out of your cellular phone – no matter how you use it. Whether you have many noxcell products or just one, Noxcell delivers the quality, reliability and peace of mind to get you and keep you up and running, no matter where you are, no matter when you need us.
Noxcell Warranty Solutions
Noxcell offer 24 month quality warranty for our brand battery.any quality problems,you can send your problems to our technology service department by email service@noxcell.com ,after their confirmation,you can return back at our UPS,DHL or FEDEX Account No.


  • Tel:0755 28066390
  • Fax:0755 28232630
  • Monday to Friday:
  • 8:00AM - 17:30PM
  • Email:sales@noxcell.com
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