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Noxcell Brand policy

General Informations:
The Noxcell logo and trademarks are our important assets,All trademarks and relevant elements included in the Noxcell Brand Marks will be designated in the manner managed by NOXCELL:they are protected by applicable trade mark, copyright and other relevant intellectual property laws. We protect our brands very seriously and strictly, then you can keep confident that your Noxcell product is genuine and enjoy our products at the best levels.

Noxcell Brand Trademarks and logos Policy is to offer our partners, customers, branches,licensees, vendors, and other third parties with a confidential way to report infringement and counterfeits. As our customer or business partner, we know that you are an extremely valuable means of defence in our efforts to protect the Noxcell brand and trademarks. Below are Noxcell Brand and logos policy guidelines:

What You Can Do:
1.You may check our organization (“NOXCELL”) connect to our website or attribution to our organization in your publication.
2.If getting our permission, you may use NOXCELL-approved and distributed artwork when using NOXCELL’s logos and relevant trademarks and logos elements.
3.if getting our permission,you may connect to our website or individual pages within our website.

What You Can't Do
1.NOT adopt NOXCELL Brand Elements into your product names, logos, trademarks,  or company names.
2.NOT adopt marks, logos,or designs and other relevant elements that are similar to our Brand Elements.
3.NOT adopt our Brand Elements in the title of your products or services without Noxcell permission or authorization.
4.NOT advertise NOXCELL Brand Element on a site that violates any law or regulation.
5.NOT use Noxcell Elements in any manner that implies a relationship or affiliation or sponsorship by NOXCELL, or that can be interpreted to suggest editorial content has been authorized, or represents the opinions of NOXCELL.
6.NOT copy NOXCELL’s trad marks, including the look and feel of NOXCELL website, publications, or NOXCELL brand packaging, typography, graphic designs, product icons, or other related elements.
7.NOT use NOXCELL Brand Element in a manner that is in NOXCELL’s opinion misleading, unfair, infringing, obscene, or otherwise objectionable to NOXCELL.
8.NOT use NOXCELL Brand Elements in a way that suggests a common, descriptive, or generic problem.


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